Theme Day: Let’s Eat!


This is onion and lamb from the Xinjiang Provincial Guildhouse where you can get fine Uighyr food in Bejing.

The May City Daily Photo theme is “Let’s Eat.” In Beijing that could be the theme for the year and I’d never duplicated.

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CDP Theme Day: Aging

CDP Theme Day: Aging


March’s theme for City Daily Photo bloggers is: Aging. I’ve decided to make this Aging Gracefully as they wonderful dancers suggest.

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January City Daily Photo Theme Day


For January 1st, CDP photographers are choosing to post their “Best Photo of the Year.” I’ve chosen this photo of a smiling woman doing a Uighyr dance in Baide Park on a polluted day. Though the sky was contaminated with smog, this group danced away. I leave it to you to interpret the meaning.

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