July CDP Theme Day: Blue

077For this month’s theme, blue, I’ve chosen a vivid sign with Chinese and I think Tibetan writing at the Tibetan temple in north Beijing.

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January CDP Theme Day

 Photo of the Year

Antique New Year's Rabbits

Antique New Year’s Rabbits

The January tradition for City Daily Photo is to post your best or favorite photo of the previous year. It’s certainly hard to choose. I finally chose the one above because rabbits are part of the New Year’s holiday in Asia.(They’re what East Asians “see” when they look at the moon and they are symbolic of fertility, cleverness, the feminine, silliness and numerous, often contradictory characteristics.)

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February’s Theme Day: Entry

Entry with New Year's good luck symbols

Entry with New Year’s good luck symbols

February’s City Daily Photo theme is entry and I love the doors in China. Here’s the entry to Walmart, so I’m going rather modern. In the winter stores like this hang a sort of blanket/curtain on the doors to keep in the heat.

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A favorite theme day posts

October’s Theme Day: Details


On the first of the month, City Daily Photo (CDP) bloggers capture a chosen theme. Beijing’s Red Capital Club is in an old haunt of Chairman Mao’s. Fitting on National Day to show some of the details that give the place its vibe, its look.

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