Theme Day: Let’s Eat!


This is onion and lamb from the Xinjiang Provincial Guildhouse where you can get fine Uighyr food in Bejing.

The May City Daily Photo theme is “Let’s Eat.” In Beijing that could be the theme for the year and I’d never duplicated.

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Theme Day: Shadow & Highlight


June’s theme for City Daily Photo is: Shadows & Highlights, two key aspects of good photography.

I like cheese, but I doubt I’d be attracted to a restaurant called “Cheese Bomb.” I wish them well and if someone I respected said the food was good, I’d go, but otherwise I’ll just admire the mural.

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October’s Theme Day: Details


On the first of the month, City Daily Photo (CDP) bloggers capture a chosen theme. Beijing’s Red Capital Club is in an old haunt of Chairman Mao’s. Fitting on National Day to show some of the details that give the place its vibe, its look.

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