Theme Day: Nature

2015, fall 184
This month’s City Daily Photo theme is nature so here’s a photo from a park by Chongwenmen.

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July Theme Day: Look Down


This month’s theme is: Look Down. You can learn something when you look down.

I took a walking tour around Tiananmen Square and learned that these rectangular covers are for port-a-potties Beijing-style. When there’s an event they would open the tops and put tents over the areas for a little, very little privacy. Now I notice them around Wangfujing Street and near Qianmen Avenue.

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March Theme Day: Where I Belong


In Sugar & Spice café

This March City Daily Photo bloggers are asked to ponder and post on the idea of “Where do I belong?” Even though last month’s prompt was “Coffee House” I will say I feel quite at home in a not too noisy coffee house sipping a hot drink and writing. That’s the life!

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CDP Theme Day: Aging

CDP Theme Day: Aging


March’s theme for City Daily Photo bloggers is: Aging. I’ve decided to make this Aging Gracefully as they wonderful dancers suggest.

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What Would You Miss?

Antique Street

Antique Street

February’s theme day for City Daily Photo bloggers is: What Would You Miss?

Without a doubt I would miss the Chinese neighborhoods that have been beautifully restored to their former glory. This one is in Southwest Beijing, a favorite stomping ground..

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January CDP Theme Day

 Photo of the Year

Antique New Year's Rabbits

Antique New Year’s Rabbits

The January tradition for City Daily Photo is to post your best or favorite photo of the previous year. It’s certainly hard to choose. I finally chose the one above because rabbits are part of the New Year’s holiday in Asia.(They’re what East Asians “see” when they look at the moon and they are symbolic of fertility, cleverness, the feminine, silliness and numerous, often contradictory characteristics.)

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December Theme Day: Worker


Rather late this month. I almost forgot! Here’s a worker selling snacks on Food Street off of Wangfujing Street. I’d never touch grilled squid, but plenty of folks seem to love it.


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