CDP Theme Day: August

street guys chess

August’s City Daily Photo Theme is City People and these men exemplify people in the summer.

  1. This photo shows how people gather on the streets no matter the season
  2. It shows people playing a game outside. Here they’re playing Chinese chess.
  3. Summer isn’t complete in China without at least one shirtless man. Often you’ll see middle aged men with their shirts rolled up and their bellies on view.

Click here to see more City People from all over the world. Enjoy.

This entry marks my swan song for new entries as I’ve used up all the free space for WordPress. Occasionally, I may repost a golden oldie for a blogging challenge.

See No Fixed Plans or Ruined for Life for more of my photos. Some are of China, others aren’t. No Fixed Plans has been rather neglected. Expect lots of photos of Asia.


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